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Here’s to Big Ships in the Night

March 3, 2019

I’m living a dream that I had about 3 years ago. I will never forget it. At the time I thought it was about my PhD, but now I know it was about my marriage.

I dreamt that it was a dark stormy night. I was on a massive ship in the middle of a stormy ocean. I found myself on the deck with the crew. They were telling me that I had to jump.

My first response was a flat out no. There was no way that I was jumping off a big boat in the middle of the ocean. In a storm. In the dark.

But this crew was insistent. The crew didn’t tell me why. They just kept saying – you must jump now. You must jump.

After my no-s fell on deaf ears, I closed my eyes and jumped.

Sometimes I question myself. Lisa, do you have a plan? To which I reply. No. I just knew that I had to get off that ship (my marriage) in the middle of nowhere (Ethiopia), with no back up plan or dinghy. I’m slowly becoming OK with that. I’m also working with my mind-body therapist to keep my whole body on board. To not over rely on my brain to do all of the work, as my body can also help me along the way.

This journey is just beginning. Here’s to big ships in the night.


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(Pic) Lisa London, Roman Ruins of Jerash, Jordan #travelwithlisa #healwithlissa


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