I’m a firm believer in frequent and well timed holidays. If planned properly, they can do wonders for reducing stress levels. What I find to be disconcerting is that travel always seems to derail my health and fitness regimen of rising early, yoga, meditation and religiously taking our daily supplements and essential vitamins. I am not taking stock on how to travel and stay healthy. This last journey confirmed that travelling doesn’t have to result in a complete abandonment of healthy habits. You can still fit in elements of a morning routine when away from home. Even if bad weather forces you indoors, there are still ways you can keep to your morning routine without being OCD about it. Below are some ways I use to stay fit while traveling:

  1. Be realistic. I know that I won’t tick off every box in my healthy habits tracker but I aim to do the essentials. What’s essential for me, won’t be essential for you! But for starters, every morning should begin with yoga/ stretching, some form or meditation/deep breathing and prayer. I always include a 7-minute core workout using the VGFIT 7-minute workout app. Shoot for completing at least 80% of your normal routine.
  2. Plan ahead. Find out what type of gym facilities, outdoor sports/activities, if there is a nearby yoga studio, park or area to walk or run.
  3. Choose accommodation with enough space to comfortably workout. This is one reason why I love AirBnB! You can afford the extra space for yoga or other home exercises.
  4. Pack a resistance band or a Pilates Magic Circle in your suitcase. Both take up  little space and can  provide you with an entire upper and lower body workout. I use the resistance circle by ProSource pictured below.
  5. Don’t deprive yourself of local delicacies. (I feel like I need to repeat myself here). Practice mindful eating — which enables you to appreciate and enjoy all special foods without overdoing it.
  6. Road test your travel workout routine. If you’re not used to resistance bands or other travel-friendly workouts, it’s good to pilot your workout at home at least once to prevent frustration, which can easily evolve into an excuse to skip the workout.
  7. Be creative. If you are away find fun, once-in—lifetime experiences that double as exercises. If the weather and destination allows, try a fun and adventurous activity (e.g. pedal boat excursion, snowboarding, paragliding — you get my point. AirBnB Experiences can also help you to find activities that are popular with the locals or draw tourists.
  8. Prepare snacks. This has proven to be a life saver, particularly on road trips! I pack almonds, trail mix, and other healthy snacks so that we’re not forced to eat fast food from convenience stalls.
  9. Play in the pool or open water. I’m a bonafide beach bum but I”m trying to overcome this! If I can’t be persuaded to do some water sports, I try to hop in the water every so often to get some exercise.
  10. Shoes and backpack. I’m notorious for overloading my bags and wearing cute rather than comfortable shoes. This last vacay after a longer-than normal lasting aching back, I swore off my repeated travel sins and ordered a Swiss Army Backpack from my favorite online retailer, Amazon. I will use it very soon and you can  judge whether I’m truly reformed or not.

So that’s all I have for you right now. Tell me, what are some ways that stay healthy while travelling?