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If you want to learn more about me you’re in the right place. I have an interest in yoga as a radical form of self-healing, and use breath and movement to guide people in exploring the innate restorative capacities of the body. I love to experiment and have tried many styles of yoga. Currently obsessing over Stråla. I have more than 500 hrs of registered yoga training credits. I have lived and worked in more than 40 countries in global public health. I love to see people thrive and grow in their yoga practice and in life. All of these experiences have influenced my embrace of holistic living and coaching. I thrive on connecting people new to themselves and the lifestyle of yoga practice, clean eating, and meditation.

I’m a co-author of Resilience through Yoga & Meditation, inspiring stories about bouncing back from life’s challenges through these mind-body practices. Get your copy here. I contribute to the Setu Yoga community which supports diversity, body positivity and healthy relationships among yoga practitioners.

I create free content to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to slow down, connect and feel good. Be sure to connect below!



The brand

She Yogic is a yoga lifestyle company with a popular blog by the same name. We run yoga classes, events and pop-up classes worldwide. 

We aim to influence individuals to live a yogic life and emphasizes yoga, meditation and diet as lifestyle approaches to achieve balance and harmony within, and the world around you.


the website

The blog is regularly updated with Strala yoga and ways to incorporate its philosophy of ease, connecting with self, and moving in a way that feels good. Yoga tips, tutorials and inspiration is updated weekly. 


The socials


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Watch authentic yoga videos, live streaming coaching sessions (coming soon) and more to help you reconnect with you and move well.


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