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Choosing Best Yoga Studio

10 Pro Tips to Help You Choose the Best Yoga Studio June was the month for yoga-studio hopping! During my month-long time abroad, I practiced yoga at a studio almost every day with nearly a dozen different yoga teachers. Some classes were amazing, others left me with more questions than answers. No matter where you are […]

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Meditation Master Osho offered a wide range of meditations to practice, some of them seemingly strange. His laughter meditation definitely falls into the category of unusual but I decided to give it a try this morning. I must say after about 2 minutes of trying, I burst into genuine laughter until my stomach hurt. If […]

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Sun Salutations on the Beaches of Thailand

Sun Salutations

After a long day of practice teaching at Ananda Yoga Detox I took some videos and pics of my practice. I am most proud of my chaturangas which is not easy to do! Check it out! I will follow up with sun salutation instructional soon. I am also pleased to have mastered this as a few rounds of sun salutations will suffice as a morning practice if that is all of the time you have to spare!

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