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Maybe We Can Emoji It All Better

February 14, 2019
After posting a few humorous Instagram stories about me going down with the hashtag #itstherussians or #blameitontherussians , I settled into my seat next to a Russian guy. He was incredibly kind, helped me with my bags, and didn’t moan every time I stood to use the washroom. I casually looked at his WhatsApp conversation (as you do), and saw his messages littered with heart emojis and kisses. My brain fired off a “wow, he’s just like me...”
Divorce Recovery

Gathering the Courage to Be All In

February 12, 2019
In poker, the term all in means that a player has put the last of her chips into the pot. She can no longer perform another action because she doesn’t have any chips left. In a life transition such as a break up, divorce, or death of a loved one - to be all in often means gathering the courage to be vulnerable again.
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Cultivating Joy Starts With Gratitude

February 6, 2019
I'm visiting Israel, Jordan and learning to cultivate joy through gratitude, mindfulness, and curiosity about all of my experiences in the Middle East. The one good thing about divorce is that it provide numerous opportunities for emotional growth. The challenge is to grow through what you go through.
Travel With Lisa

7 Ways to Stay Healthy (and Fit) When Traveling

July 16, 2018
I've learned about being healthy and fit while traveling to 45+ countries. I made some rookie mistakes! Allow them to be at your service. The main takeaway is that being healthy in your own home and being healthy while traveling requires radically different approaches. These tips are guaranteed to keep you feeling your best while you're jet set. If you're keen to try, I'd love to hear what works for you, any feedback!