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The Thing About Balance

February 24, 2019

Balance is a tricky business. Forget all the images you see of people sitting in lotus pose, with their sage, candles and mudras. Living in a state of balance requires macro decisions followed by dozens of simplistic micro-decisions. It might include some of the former but it’s usually not Instagrammable. Some days, I’m like eff it – eat the ice cream – all of it. Or, I won’t make time to meditate or plan out my day. By tomorrow, I most certainly regret it. I’m not saying that you have to be fanatical about balance, but you sure have to be intentional. Or else, hey there Ms. Humpty Dumpty.

Balance begins in the mind

I’m finding balance also has to do with the expectations that I hold dear, even when I know that they’re unrealistic. For example, I’m in Bangkok now on (personal) business, which I will write about in another post.  I lived in Bangkok from 2005-2009. I was much younger, didn’t have a lot of little insight into the concept of balance or boundaries – which this place absolutely supports. When I moved away to London, I only visited Bangkok for short periods of time. Like all places, Bangkok is relative to the traveler vis-a-vis what it offers. When I came to Bangkok from South Sudan, I felt like I was in heaven.  Coming from London and Israel, my feeling is more like ‘mehhh, nothing to see here.’

Seeking a return to balance

All I can say is gimme shelter. I’m hunting around for green space, a vegan restaurant with a fan and terrace, authentic Mediterranean food, anything organic, real cotton, the soul of the city. Cue the laughter, yes, I’m older now. (I still look good)! I’m going through a divorce, which has me recalibrating all of my systems. Everyday is a delicate dance in seeking balance. If I relate this to the balance needed for a yoga handstand, you first need a keen bodily awareness of what’s going on with your hips and spine while you are upside down and cannot see.  With this awareness, you then have to make small adjustments to keep from falling. This takes courage and practice, practice, practice.

My balance practice

I’m leaving Bangkok early next month! Until then, I’m focusing on my gratitude practice as a way to get more mind-body balance. I find that taking the time daily to practice gratitude for the small things changes my mood, which improves my balance. Practicing gratitude is also a way that I cultivate joy – a light that fills you with hope and faith and love.


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(Pictured) Lisa London on Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel


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