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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Issue No°3 – Water Guns and Wu wei as Weapons of Choice

April 16, 2019

Happy New Year (again). It’s Songkran in Thailand, a festival celebrating the traditional Thai New Year, held in April and marked by the throwing and sprinkling of water. On Koh Tao island it was thankfully limited to one-day, during which I voluntarily sequestered myself. I know what you’re thinking–girl, that’s extreme;  or you’re just getting old(er). The latter is true – we are all getting older; the former, not so! The epidemiologist in me will not allow myself to be splashed with water from random, suspect water sources. My first year in Thailand (2005), I merrily went along – but I was younger and a non-scientist. Go figure. The two are related. 

Get to the beach — or die trying

By noon on Saturday, I was debating whether I should risk it, hop on my bike and carefully drive to the beach through the water fights. Panic is the enemy No. 1 on a bike, and after messaging with several naysayers, I sat in my flat trying to find ways to peacefully bide my time indoors. 

At first light on Sunday, I hopped on the bike like it was a getaway car, and sped to the beach. After some photos, I climbed up to my favorite haunt and ordered food and fresh coconut. My iPhone battery died and I didn’t bring my charger. So I sat and stared at the snorkelers bobbing in the sea. One hour of sea gazing turned into two hours, three, four, then five.  

lisa london people snorkeling tropical blue water
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When I reached home, I opened my laptop and wrote a 5-part series on skin color and beauty. My head hadn’t been this crystal clear in weeks, and I attribute this to my day at the sea. My Strala practice off-the-mat hasn’t been as strong as it should be. My afternoon of wu wei – effortless action – was much more productive than any other writing schedule that I could’ve drawn up for myself.

In boxing, I’m also learning that the jab, cross over — are also about wu wei. The breath is the same as in Strala Yoga, the power also comes from your center. Boxers  move in inches. That spectacular knock out is curated over skilled, patient, micro-moves that can be compared to the result of my day of sea-gazing. Next week I’ll tell you about my boxing experiences with the coaches at Raw Art Warriors, thus far it’s been nothing short of amazing. I’m amazed at how it reinforces the breath work and martial arts aspects of Strala Yoga. But then again Strala is about natural movement and mind-body connection so it all makes sense. 

PS: I’ve been hit with the infamous Instagram shadow ban, so only Part 1 of the series is up. In 48 hours, I should be good to go for the remaining 4 parts. It’s planned over a 5-day period. Check here for Pt. 2-5. 

A quote I’m pondering 

“Rest is essential, but during our periods of rest, we must think to ourselves that in resting we are renewing our energy to fulfill our commitment” ~ Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers

What I’ve been up to this week

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What’s amusing the health geek in me

Salicylic Acid

I’m getting in a couple of workouts per day – three now as I’m taking my foundations of boxing yoga course at Raw Art Warriors. My face stays sweaty – regardless of the daily multiple showers. During my Strala training in NYC, it was summertime. Once again we had sweaty yoga practices, walks home, and dinners al fresco. I stumbled across this brand called The Ordinary. The prices are mega-cheap and their product is pure.

On Koh Tao, I do not miss a day without adding a couple of drops of Salicylic acid on my face and patting it in. Y’all know me –only organic on my skin. Salicylic acid is a substance obtained from plants (white willow back and wintergreen leaves) and also synthesized which is versatile and possesses bacteriostatic, fungicidal, and keratolytic actions. I use their entire product line on my face and I no longer break out — not even during my monthly cycle!

Smoothie of the week

This week I created a Banana Nut Breakfast Smoothie. If you’re looking for a meal replacement smoothie then this recipe is for you. With the rolled oats and flax seeds, hunger is guaranteed to miss you well until the afternoon. Here are my other smoothie recipes. Be sure to check them out.

That’s all for this week folks! 

Holla’ at @mslisalondon or Facebook @mslisalondon Which part of the Weekly Newsletter is your favorite?  Just put #lisalondon at the end so that I can find it. 

Have a wonderful week, my lovelies!

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Lisa London
Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Welcome to my journey of discovery, healing and radical self love. I’m in the process of divorce and I’m using this blog to share my experiences through all the places, things I see around the world. So far I have traveled to more than 50 countries on four continents, and counting. I am a 500 HR Yoga Teacher, and Strala Guide trained by American yogi, Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga. I received a master’s in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and a master’s in Anthropology from the School of Oriental & African Studies. I now live on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand, where I guide yoga and seize opportunities for personal growth that I willingly share with those around me. Follow my blog and discover my renewal through food, travel, and yoga.

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