Mindfulness is a mental state you can achieve by focusing on the present moment, your awareness on the thoughts, feelings, and sensation you are experiencing.

You become fully present in the moment.

When you are mindfully present, you don’t hide what you are feeling or thinking but instead learn how to observe them from a somewhat neutral vantage point.

In a sense, mindfulness allows you to create a personal space from which to respond to stressful situations in health and positive. Mindfulness doesn’t change the situation, it changes how you respond to it.

It is based on the principle that, while we cannot be full control of life, we can work with our bodies and minds, through mindfulness so that we learn how to live with less anxiety an increased appreciation of the little things in our lives right now.

This practice that has helped me overcome anxiety attacks, and learn how to live in the present moment with less judgement and more acceptance.

I am still learning and I hope that we can learn together!