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Yogajellies Product Review and Tutorial

November 30, 2017

My experience with YogaJellies

I’m a bonafide yoga addict and my addiction has only grown since I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Thailand. My course was absolutely amazing but intense. We practiced at least 90 minutes per day, six days per week. As the course wound down, we had afternoon practice teach sessions where we alternated student-teacher. Cue the ineffective modifications – fist planks, dolphin down dogs — anything to beat the cumulative aggravation on the wrists. I had ordered YogaJellies before my training but as I live in a country where Amazon does not deliver (gasp), my YogaJellies arrived right after I left. The upside to this story is that they were here when I returned! I used them for my down dogs, tabletop — any pose that required me to bear weight on my hands and wrists in the first weeks after my yoga teacher training. Now my wrists have recovered, but I still use YogaJellies to pad my knees in camel and for handstand practice. I am pleased with my purchase thus far and look forward to finding more ways to integrate YogaJellies into my daily practice.

Are YogaJellies for you?

The first question you need to ask yourself before investing in a pair of  YogaJellies how important is your home yoga practice to you? I’ve been taught that yoga is nothing without a home practice as home practice gives self-insight into how you respond to difficulty and ease, heightens self-awareness of the body, and cultivates your ability to care for yourself. At yoga studies you are likely to find the necessary padding, blocks, and other props but these are often bulky and made for the studio. The portability of YogaJellies means that you can you develop your personal practice at home and carry these yoga props with you while traveling. If you’ve ever had a wrist problem, you know how much it can interfere with your yoga. These are also just good to have in your back pocket – just in case. If you are suffering from wrist pain then YogaJellies just might save your practice! And if you plan to go to a yoga teacher training or yoga retreat – you must buy these now! Don’t get caught without a solution for wrist pain on a remote island like me. If you are still at the beginning stages of your yoga journey or do not regularly practice at home, I would recommend that you opt for a much simpler knee pad such as YogaPaws.

Core features

YogaJellies cover all your bases: non-toxic and latex-free and the fact that they are silicone-based means they provide excellent cushioning. Yoga Jellies colors speak to the chakras, are available in seven bright colors and come with a free carrying bag. The manufacturer suggests washing your Yoga Jellies with soap and water before the first use, wiping your mat after using Yoga Jellies in the first weeks of use, as they may create a tiny bit of residue. Wiping your mat after every use is always a good idea. I use a solution of water & tea tree oil after every practice.

How to use YogaJellies


  • Placed your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Ground the heel of your palms into the center of your Yoga Jelly.
  • Spread your fingers as wide as possible, index finger pointing forward.
  • Ensure that you still do a full wrist extension – a 90-degree angle between the hand and forearm in poses such as table top, cat-cow, plank, side plank, upward facing dog; and wrist creases parallel to the front edge of the mat in downward facing dog. Note that downward facing dog is the most commonly noted pose where students experience wrist pain.
  • Straighten the arms to engage the triceps and squeeze them in.
  • Broaden your chest.
  • Pull your lower ribs in.


  • Pretty straight forward – place knee in the center of the Yoga Jelly
  • Be sure to maintain alignment in the pose (e.g. hips over knees in camel; bent knee over ankle in any of the lunges


  • I have yet to use YogaJellies for these purposes but I will do so and review these uses separately in a follow up post.

What the yogis said

I found 143 customer reviews of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00CA83B7O” locale=”US” tag=”sheyogic08-20″]YogaJellies[/easyazon_link] on Amazon at the time of writing and they had awarded YogaJellies an average 4.5 stars out of possible 5 average. The customer reviews are positive overall, there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “I like them for weight-bearing yoga poses for my arthritic wrists – but still not completely comfortable…better than yoga blocks.” As expected with yoga props, the experience will vary according to injury and practice. A customer with fibromyalgia wrote, “YogaJellies rock for fibromalygia wrist pain” and “I injured my knee a few weeks back. These pads totally helped when I had to do some yoga,” and YogaJellies turn a liking yoga into LOVING YOGA.”

A top customer review “So I agree that these are expensive yoga accessories. However, I broke my elbow last year, and I’m trying to reinvigorate what was (prior to my injury) a vigorous home yoga practice. These jellies allow me to do that, and I am simply grateful for the aid. It gives me hope that one day I won’t need them, but until then, they are essential. The Yoga Jellies Team delighted me, not only with a product that helps me, but also with their packaging: my jellies arrived in a gossamer bag with a handwritten note from Anita, which made me feel like I was given a gift! The beautiful bag also serves as storage. Namaste to Anita and the Yoga Jellies Team and all other yoga jelly users!”

Jessica Rienecker of Yoga Teacher Magazine wrote, “Downward Dog was much more comfortable with the Jellies under my hands, and as I moved into more complicated poses like Mermaid I really appreciated the support under my kneecap.”


Diversity in opinion is to be expected as each person’s yoga is personal. Yet the overall response to YogaJellies is a positive one and since I have introduced them into my persona practice I have been able to go deeper into certain asanas. Well made, effective, portable and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase of YogaJellies and would recommend this yoga prop to others.

If you are new to yoga please see my post on the 7 tips for yoga beginners.

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